Welcome to Fantasy Band’s website

Fantasy Band is a class act that performs at various events such as weddings, christenings, birthday

Goran Milovanovic – keyboard, accordion, vocals

parties and any other special occasion tha requires fine music.

Our music is a mix of different influences so depending on your taste and requirements you wil hear us playing world music, jazz, light classical, dance, rock ballads, traditional Polish, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Serbian, Irish, English etc.

In Fantasy Band we understand that music occupies an important place in everyone’s life. We can’t live without it. We believe that music lifts spirits, goes deep into people’s souls and enhances life whatever the occasion. That’s why we love to share our passion for music with the rest of the world.

Fantasy Band started it’s journey in 1994 when Goran, Dejan and Jancsi decided to start performing together, combining their different musical experiences. Their musichas been a mixture of traditional and contemporary, european ethno and jazz, light classical and swing…

In 1999 the band gets a new member Buca who brought that organic feel into the performance.
They became Britain’s favourite function band performing at variety of venues around London and UK including: Ambassador Club, Dorchester Hotel, Leyton House, House of Lords, Claridges, Kensington Roof Gardens, Ritz, Kensington Royal Gardens,

Tadek Rybak – drums, vocals

Lanesborough, Manchester Utd. Stadium, etc…
Their audiences include King of Malasya, King of Burma, HRH Duke of Kent, Grace Jones….and many other well known as well as ordinary people.
In 2000 Dejan left the band so Fantasy became a trio again. They continued with their busy schedule entertaining audiences on different occasions.

In 2000 they recorded their first Fantasy Band CD.

In 2006 Buca left the UK and Fantasy Band gets a new member Tadek who brought the drum rhythm and

Dariusz Cyrul – Guitar, saxophone, vocals

admirable vocals into the band.
Sadly, in 2009 Jancsi sufferd from a stroke which left him unable to play violin.
His son Steven took his place on violin and he became a new band member. In September 2012 the band saw more changes. Steven left and young Kristian became in charge of the violin in the band.

Guest Members of Fantasy Band are Ljubisa Denic, Darek Cyrul, Bojana Fabel, Braca Kolarevic …etc.