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Mr and Mrs Broomfield Wedding – The Bull Hotel

This is what Mr and Mrs Broomfield said about Fantasy Band just after the long night of partying on their wedding day.

Lukasz and Barbara’s video feedback


We crossed 1800 kilometres to get to Lublin, Poland, to provide music for Barbara’s and Lukasz’s wedding. The entire journey was an unforgettable experience and we very much enjoyed playing at this party. This is what Barbara and Lukasz had to say about our performance at their wedding. (English subtitles coming as soon as we find a translator 🙂 )

Magdalena and Marcin’s wedding

Last Saturday, 19th May,  saw us entertaining the newly weds, Magdalena and Marcin, and their guests at their wedding party. The celebration of their wedding was set in The White House in Ealing, truly stunning venue, a palace

constructed with statues, acres of marble, gold cornices and crystal chandeliers.

Great party Lena and Marcin, we hope we added to the overall magical atmosphere. We wish you all the best in you life together.

First dance as husband and wife – Paulina’s and Warren’s Wedding

We were invited to provide music for Paulina’s and Warren’s wedding party recently. It was set in beautiful surroundings of Royal Holloway University in Egham. Wonderful party and a wonderful first dance 🙂

Great wedding party!





Paulina’s and Warren’s Feedback

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