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Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine's

Saturday at Posk

What a fantastic evening! Darek was an absolute star as he not just sang and played guitar but danced and interacted with the guests which made the atmosphere electric. Everyone in Posk absolutely enjoyed the entertainment 🙂


Fantasy Band

Fantasy Band is a class act that performs at various events such as weddings, christenings, birthdays 20110212 - Posk (93)parties and any other special occasion tha requires fine music.

Our music is a mix of different influences so depending on your taste and requirements you wil hear us playing world music, jazz, light classical, dance, rock ballads, traditional Polish, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Serbian, Irish, English etc.

In Fantasy Band we understand that music occupies an important place in everyone’s life. We can’t live without it. We believe that music lifts spirits, goes deep into people’s souls and enhances life whatever the occasion. That’s why we love to share our passion for music with the rest of the world.

The Stage


Just a picture of our instruments all set up on stage 🙂

Fantasy Fun Pictures