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What kind of music do you play? Dance music. Lots of dance music. Fast and slow dance music.Quiet and loud dance music.The best of Light Classical, Ethno, Swing and Disco dance music from the last millennium seasoned with Jazz standards and ballads.
What kind of events and venues do you play? Any venue where fun people gather to have a good time (well, almost any venue).We perform mostly at events such as private parties, weddings, corporate and charityevents, festivals and of course some night clubs.
How many members are in the band? Four fun individuals.
What is the instrumentation? Some of us switch around but we have Steven on violin, Darek iwth vocals,saxophone and guitar, Tadek on drums and vocals and Goran on keyboard, accordion and vocals.
How experienced are the band members? Quite experienced. From 20 years of professional performance experienceto 20 years plus a whole bunch more.
Do you have a demo CD? Along with all our pictures and printed promotional material we have ademo CD that we would be happy to send out upon request.
Can I see you perform? Yes. Even though we do many private events we can always arrangefor you to sneak a peek at some event if you can’t make one of our public appearances.
Some people don’t like loud music and some people only like one kind of music.
How do we keep everyone happy? When dealing with any art form, especially music, everyone has an opinion on what they hear and like. No band, DJ, orchestra or politician can please everyone and those that say they can are telling a little less than the truth.
What is true is that most groups of people may have a common “feel” to the music they like.
One thing we have found over the years is that when we perform there may always be a few who want to hear this song or that song or think we should be playing just for them. We will try to accommodate requests (place them early please) but by the end of the night everyone always loves our show and thinks we were the perfect band for the occasion.
Can you provide music during a cocktail hour or dinner? Sure can. We can provide a pianist, jazz quartet or both for your enjoyment during cocktails or meals.
Will the songs sound like the originals? Some more than others. Most of the music we play is as close as we can get to original with the instrumentation we have. We do arrange most of our music into medleys which allows us to cover a wider amount of material and keep the energy level by eliminating all those breaks between songs. We are a band of live, real human musicians that get excited about the music we play. The excitement is contagious and creates a musical interaction with the guests at your event. This means that as your guests have more fun we kick the energy up which gets the crowd even more excited and on and on. If you ever wondered why a band and a DJ can play the same tunes but the parties with live music are always more successful – this is the reason. Interaction.
Can we make requests? Yes. If you would like us to learn a specific tune for your event we can usually do it if fits normal parameters. Obviously we can’t perform something from an opera but most light classical, ethno, pop, jazz or standards can be arranged. Due to the fact that we only have a limited amount of time to work up music for performances every weekend, we have to limit this to one tune per event. We also need at least 30 days advance notice and a copy of the score or a CD of the music.
Will the band dress appropriately? Always. Tuxedos at weddings and other formal events and appropriate attire as requested or as the event warrants.
How good is your equipment? Top of the line. Our equipment will easily cover most large hotel ballrooms. Although we take care of our gear and make sure it is properly connected and tested, all equipment is subject to certain environmental conditions. If the electric service is weak, poorly grounded or noisy (neon signs or cheap light dimmers) it can affect the sound by introducing buzzes and noise. After many years of performing we have honed and adjusted our gear and find we have noise problems very rarely.
When and how will the band set up? We usually set up well before the event begins and people arrive. Sometimes the timing of the event prevents this but usually as soon as the room is available our crew is there.
How far will you travel? Our fee includes all travel within an hour drive from Central London. Travel to further parts of the country (or the world) can be arranged but of course we would have to include all petrol/air fare, lodging, equipment rental and other travel charges in our fee…
How much do you charge? Ahh, the big question. It depends (you knew we would say that.) We are a busy act and are booked well into next year which means we set our rates by demand. Like most businesses we are subject to market forces which means some days of the week are more desirable then others. Typically Friday or Saturday night private events have the highest rate (other than New Year’s eve). Overtime is per half hour which may be arranged at anytime before the last song.If you would like to know what we charge just send us an email or give us a call (07727066318).
Are there any extra charges? No. Everything will always be completely documented in a contract for our mutual understanding and protection. We will never pop any “oh-by-the-way” charges on you ever.